Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Makassar: a food paradise

I've been a FANATIC fan of Es Pisang Ijo (a traditional food from Makassar) since I lived in Yogkakarta more than 5 years ago. The mixture of the banana wrapped in green dough, the white sauce, and the syrup is addictive.

In Yogyakarta, you can find a small Makassar food stall that sells Es Pisang Ijo along with Es Palu Butung and Coto Makassar. The stall only sells those three food but it is always packed with customers. From the stall, I knew the taste of those food and I like them.

But when I got to Makassar, I realised that traditional food from Makassar are more than the three I mentioned above...and all are sinfully delicious. No wonder my friend used to say, "Makassar is a food paradise. No way you'll be able to lose weight there!"

Here are some food I tried in Makassar. As I said, they are sinfully delicious....because it's meaty and...well, basically you need to check you cholesterol and sugar levels after you consume them ;p
Es Pisang Ijo
Sop Konro
Sop Saudara

Palu Basa
Coto Makassar

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  1. Sop Konronya tlat di foto tuh, sdh stengah makan baru di foto kayanya :D hee....